New Interior Design Trends

Hottest New Interior Design Trends 2012

New Interior Design TrendsSpring is upon us; a time when we clean out our homes and consider a complete renovation. Homes aren’t frequently decorated, so if you’re feeling out of touch when it comes to new interior design trends you aren’t alone.

From colors to corner sofas, updating your home for 2012 couldn’t be simpler if you take some inspiration from this year’s hottest new interior design trends.


When the SS12 catwalks were swarmed with sorbet shades, there was absolutely no doubt that the popular fashion trend would make its way into interior catalogs, too. Light rooms look sweet as sugar when accessorized with cushions and other soft furnishings in an array of pastel shades.

Add some depth to your pastel room by opting for an illustrative feature wall (which are also huge this year) or buy some new home furniture; a shabby chic whitewash dining table would fit perfectly.

Homemade havens

There’s no denying that the make-do-and-mend culture is on its way back into fashion. 2011 saw more of us than ever pick up the electric whisks, eggs, flour and butter and begin baking again, not to mention the country’s new-found love of all things knitted.

2012 interiors are definitely reflecting this revived crafting passion. Soft furnishings are echoing homemade features such as chunky knits, appliqued funky lettering and plain items with embroidered designs. Patchwork quilts are also a must.

Corner Sofas look every bit the part cloaked with a home-crafted blanket. What’s better, you can take up a new hobby and make them at home.

Forests and foxes

Expanding on themes from previous years, 2012 will again find the woodland trend running through interiors. This year you will see a predominance of foxes and squirrels as the pointed-nose critters take center stage.

Browns, greens, natural woods and leaves are here to stay until at least 2013, with the home-crafted trend perfectly complementing forest fashion.

Home furniture should be as natural as possible to fit with this look. Go for items which are as chunky as possible; a block dining table with wooden chairs, or even a bench, would go perfectly.

New Interior Design TrendsCuriouser and curiouser

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland popularized this trend. The land of make believe is huge this year, as is altering your room to include over-sized mirrors and miss-matched chairs to accompany your dining table.

Accessorize with teapots, cups and saucers as well as cake stands. Framed fantasy prints and unusual-shaped plants also add to the look.

The interiors market is full of larger-than-life household accessories at the moment. As well as mirrors, lamps, chairs and ottomans are available and bigger than ever.

Quality not quantity

2012 will see more homeowners ditching cheaper plywood veneer products and opting for the real thing. Quality items will be invested in as trends move away from contemporary sleek designs to homely, comforting reliable décor.

There will be a real feel of luxury in our interiors. People want value for money items that will last and make a real statement. Sometimes paying for a quality item is the only way to cover all bases.