About Us

L’IMAGE Design Studio

The history of L’IMAGE Design Studio has developed a broad range of diversified design projects from renovation to new construction. All our projects have been guided by the knowledge that success lies in discerning new potential in what has previously been done, and then doing it better. We have sought to be innovators by applying creative approaches to the design industry. While frequently on the cutting edge of planning and design, we have always made sure that our services provide a functional answer to the basic needs of the public we serve.

Our market focus at L’IMAGE Design Studio consists of the following:

Commercial Design

Multi-Family Housing

Residential Design

Multi-Family Housing
New / Renovation
Custom Homes
Holiday Decoration

Louann Magi – Principal Interior Designer

Interior Designer Louann Magi attended the University of Maryland and attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design/Interior Architecture.

Ms. Magi believes that interior design must be viewed as an integral part of architecture. This assures the client that the functional program, spatial organization and the selection of furniture, fabric and finishes are consistent with the overall architectural design. As the Principal, Ms. Magi has been the diversified designer for every multiple project types, including residential and commercial design projects.

Ms. Magi leads the design effort for all the firm’s projects and is involved in giving creative form to each client’s program requirements. In addition, she is personally involved in design presentations, putting forth the reasons for design solutions and options or alternatives.