Showcasing: Allen + Shariff Engineering, LLC

Showcasing: Allen + Shariff Engineering, LLC – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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L’IMAGE Design Studio is excited to share a commercial project:  Allen + Shariff Engineering, LLC. A + S was in the process of relocating and rebranding which required a new color scheme, design style, office furniture, accent pieces, and a conference room that was compatible with the A + S organizational culture. Below you can see images of the completed project and read a Q & A with Diane Bookwalter, Vice President at Allen + Shariff Engineering.


What is the most important thing that future clients should know about working with an interior designer?

Make sure your mind is very open and be willing to trust. Interior designers are trained to think creatively and can see the entire space as a design palette. Sometimes I think people know what they “like” and don’t allow themselves to be readily open to new possibilities. Also, be sure to convey your budget early. You can still receive a great quality project within your budget. Knowing your budget early will help your designer choose materials that work for you; fending off disappointment that something presented does not work within your budget.


What was your favorite or best part of working with L’IMAGE?

Louann was SO easy to work with. With very opinionated people to please, she would easily pivot a design element to ensure that everyone was excited about the product.  She was also able to stay within our budget by finding us deals on used furniture that kept with the style and culture of the space. We were even able to use Louann’s skills in creating art pieces that accent our conference room, and function as sound attenuation.


Was there anything about the design process that you would have liked to know before we started the design?

No, I don’t think so. Being in design ourselves, it was straight forward.


Was there anything we could do to improve your experience?

Not that I can think of.


Do you think we captured the brand / style for A+S – Pittsburgh?

Definitely! Even though our rebranding was not finalized at the time of design, our space is sleek, contemporary, and speaks to our company as a design firm. Coincidently, the colors that we chose also happens to be our rebranding colors. It worked out perfectly!


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