Louann’s Favorite Things…

Favorite Things from a Top Interior Designer …


Have you ever wondered what go-to items professional interior designers love? L’IMAGE Design Studio Owner, Louann Magi, is a knowledgeable design consultant with almost thirty years of experience in commercial and residential interior design and interior architecture. Louann’s trusted expertise makes it so much more exciting that she is sharing some of her go-to interior design products and concepts. Without further ado here are Louann’s Top 10 Favorite Things!


Favorite Things – Texture

Anything textured is a must! This can include wallcoverings, tile backsplash, metal finishes, soft fabrics, throw rugs, wood trim, or stone countertops to name a few. Texture adds a lot of dimension to a space. Have you ever entered a room and the colors, lines, patterns, space is all beautiful and welcoming, but it feels like something is missing? The room is probably missing texture which adds feeling or perceived feeling to a room.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Favorite things With the temperatures finally warming up people want to spend time enjoying the fresh air. Louann loves creating the perfect outdoor living space to meet all her client’s needs. She can create a cozy reading area, family fun space, relaxing oasis, or gathering area for entertainment.


Mood Lighting

Mood lighting helps create the overall ambiance and atmosphere in each room. The lighting choice should match the use of the room. Under cabinet lighting is great for a kitchen because it adds visibility. Adjustable or dimmable lights are prefect for a family or tv room to create a cozy feel while making it easier to watch a movie.


Aroma Therapy Diffusors

Not only do diffusors make a room smell pleasant they have health benefits too. Oils such as Eucalyptus clears congestion due to allergies and aids in restful sleep. Frankincense, Geranium, and lavender create balance and a calming effect. Placing an aroma therapy diffusor with a calming oil in a bedroom can help you unwind before bed.


Favorite Things – Green Living Walls

Favorite things Are you familiar with green living walls? You have probably unknowingly seen them in hotel lobbies, large office complexes, airports, or shopping centers. They have been around for almost a century; however, their residential popularity is on the rise. Green living walls are simply vertical gardens that are visually pleasing 3D artwork with health benefits such as air purification.


Peter Lik’s Photography

Peter Lik’s photography of mother nature is unlike anything else. For over thirty-five years he has been “pushing the boundaries of fine art” as described by his website. His photography is artwork that makes a great focal point and statement piece.


Creating Niches

Designated areas for a coffee and tea bar, a baking nook, or home bar/ cocktail area. Louann loves making kitchen niche areas as unique and functional as possible while meeting client’s individual needs.


Family Walls

Favorite things family tree wallCreating family tree walls are Louann’s absolute favorite because it allows for creativity and uniqueness. There are a variety of styles and materials available for this project such as wall decals, metal tree artwork, hand painted designs. Search online for some ideas but create your own look. Perhaps use black and white photos for a classic look or frames in a variety of finishes and earth tones.


Favorite Things : the Clients

Louann said she, “loves working with my client’s style or brand.” When creating a space for a client she always takes their preferences into the upmost consideration. This can be a challenging but also enjoyable learning experience with each unique client’s distinctive wants, likes, and needs.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui uses the energy in and around a home to positively create a balance of happiness and harmony. The results are personal wealth, a healthier lifestyle and overall wellbeing, and increased productivity.