Go Green

Go Green: Reuse to Renew

Go Green

It is time to go green, recent budget cuts have left many going back to the basics.  Instead of having the funds to do entire homes or office buildings, they might only be able to focus on several key rooms or areas within a home or office. Interior designers are utilizing what is already available instead of buying all new furniture and accessories; they are enhancing and reusing items in new or unique ways.

The trendy and fashionable  “green” or eco-friendly wave has enabled interior designers to renew, reuse, and recycle current furnishings while being non-wasteful. This works out for all involved in the design process since recycling available products does indeed help the environment, as well as save money, and can certainly make for great design elements. But how exactly do interior designers go about making something old into something new? The process might not be as difficult as you think. With a few minor adjustments and a small investment you can go green and update any piece of furniture to give it a second chance at life.

          • Brightening the paint and updating the hardware can transform dated cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom.
          • Furniture can be painted to give a completely new feel. You can simply paint an old coffee table with a bright bold color, switch out the old dingy hardware on a dresser for a new shiny metal.  Add a strip of paint to accent a table in a snap. Faux painting is anther great way bring to life to an old chest.
          • Old wood floors can be painted and embellished to hide blemishes.Go Green
          • Fabric can be used to cover tabletops, create headboards for beds, make pillows, and wall hangings. The best thing about fabric is that it comes in many different styles, colors, textures, and patterns. Reupholster an old looking chair with a trendy, fun fabric.
          • Draperies can be redesigned; add or change an existing valance.
          • Turn an old window shutter into some cute wall art…as well as a mail sorter!
          • Transform any lighting fixture! Use an old light fixture to create ”new” candelabra. Cover an old lampshade with a new perky fabric, or find a use for an old basket.

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