HOT Residential Products

HOT Residential Products

HOT Residential Products

Tableaux Traceries

Tableaux® Traceries provide the look and feel of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. These hot residential products, Tableaux® offers a wide selection of designs and welcomes custom designs, making the decorative options endless. Tableaux® is custom made to the size and shape you require so that they fit exactly each and every time, even with specialty shape openings. Choose from 16 finishes to complement any decor. Designed for both interior and exterior applications, Tableaux® could also be the perfect wall adornment or used to embellish a lighting fixture or tray ceilings. Traceries applications are only limited by your imagination. Custom cornices and Shutter Inserts are offered. Cornices and Traceries can also be ordered in solid designs if you prefer a carved vs. a grill look.


HOT Residential Products

Illuminated Mirror TV HOT Residential Products

Enchanted by the MB Quart TV Mirror concept?

Want the same advantages with a companion-illuminated mirror?

You can have both!

We can combine our two unique technologies to create the ultimate enchanting touch to your bathroom experience.

Our modern display of light will provide a positive and vivid influence your surrounding bathroom space. Focusing light through our unique mirror will provide the perfect stage for your morning or evening preparation. When you look your best, your day always has a happy ending.

Choose from eight distinct styles and sizes to fit any décor or contact MB Quart’s design team to create your own design.


HOT Residential Products: GlammFire – GL1700 HOT Residential Products

Installation extremely simple and clean, with no plumbing, piping or ashes, this new concept of fireplace dispenses additional maintenance work.
Equipped with new LED technology and heating elements with 1000 or 2000 Watt, LED electric fireplaces provide the optical effect of a real flame and a pleasant temperature in any room of your home.

The remote control allows you to control the silent operation of the flame, and the interdependence between the flame and the heating system, allowing thus the option of heating or flame operation, or both.
Enjoy this new concept of fireplace in your living room, bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, or in any other area where you want to create a different environment.

• Easy, simple and secure installation
• No chimney or pipes
• Use of “flame effect” independent of heating
• Control the intensity of optical flame and heating (1-2 kW)
• Eco-friendly Technology: 0% CO2 emissions
• Low power consumption
• Indoor Air Quality
• Safety: 100%
• Remote control