Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends 2021

2020 was filled with many emotions, lifestyle modification, environmental adaptions, and changes in the way we work, learn, and socialize. Most of our time spent is now spent at home due to the pandemic. Our homes have been transformed into our office, classroom, gym, spa, and a place for entertainment. People have been cooking more at home, spending more time outdoors, taking on new hobbies and projects. These changes ultimately affect interior design trends and even though we are still adjusting to this upheaval, we ease into the new year with a refreshing sense of hope, clarity, and function.

American architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright articulated, “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

Interior design trends in 2021 are practical and multi-functional serving daily purposes while also bringing families together in a nurturing way that promotes overall well-being.

Kitchen Interior Design Trends

Traditionally, kitchen layouts feature The Work Triangle (sink, stove, refrigerator). Now, with people spending all of their time at home they are using the kitchen more than ever. The new kitchen trend is the traditional triangular shape with added zones. Examples of kitchen zones include:

Coffee Bar Zone- mugs, coffee machine, coffee, tea.

Baking Center- mixing bowls, baking sheets, measuring cups, flour, sugar.

Entertainment Zone- barware, liquor, coasters, napkins.

Small Appliance Zone- mixer, griddle, toaster, food processor, juicer, blender, slow cooker.

Family Hub- mail, notes and reminders, emergency contacts, takeout menus, calendar.

Outdoor Design Trends

People are spending much more time at home and outside. Fire pits, outdoor kitchens, lounge areas, pergolas, screened in porches, outdoor living spaces, and dining areas are outdoor design trend in 2021. Extending the living space to outside makes it possible to have small socially distant gatherings in the fresh air with friends and family. It can also increase your home’s value while your children burn off some energy and you get a little vitamin D.


The increased concern about disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning are changing the way we choose materials. Quarts, marble, limestone, copper, brass, and bronze are stylish, durable, and hygienic material that can withstand heavy duty cleaning. Certain timber, linens, and metals are organic materials that also have antimicrobial properties that naturally destroy a wide range of bacteria.

Separating Spaces

The open concept design is still “in”, but it also creates some new challenges with multifunctional spaces. It is distracting when several people are doing different things in an open space. Sliding doors, partitions, and mini sheds (she-sheds) are becoming popular purchases to create quiet areas without distractions. A barndoor can be added to door-less opening between rooms to create a room for the kids to do homework. A small shed is an economical option instead of adding an addition to the house. This area can become the workout space, art studio, or home office.


Virtual meetings are a new norm and people are more conscious of their virtual appearance and environmental setting. Adequate lighting, background noise, sound reverberation, and backdrops are all new factors in interior design trends. People are adding pops of color, functional furniture, new lighting, plants, wall art, and organizing systems for a professional look while working from home.

Contactless and Technology Trends

Handsfree and voice activated faucets are a big trend now. For the last year we have constantly been reminded to wash our hands. Typically, that involves turning on the faucet and contact spreads germs, but that is eliminated when using motion or voice activated faucets. Other trends are smart home hubs, smart locks and lights, and sanitizing lights. Air quality has become another major concern since the pandemic. This has created a demand for ventilation systems, air filters, and purifiers.

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