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‘Like’ us on Facebook an earn Design Dollars.  Here is how it works:

For every person you forward our newsletter to and ask them to ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook, you will earn one point.  One point is equivalent to $50.00 design dollars.  So obviously the more friends you ask to ‘LIKE’ us the more design dollars you will receive.  The design dollars can be spent on the following Interior Design Services or Products:

  • Custom Home
  • New Construction / Additions
  • Renovation Projects
  • Model Homes
  • Staging:  Helping owners/agents get their home ready to sale
  • After Move In Services / Room Set Up
  • Design:  Measure, Photograph, Research, Prepare and Present a Design
  • Assist:  Artwork & Accessory Placement
  • Purchase:  Furniture, Accessories, or any miscellaneous Material