L’IMAGE Design Studio is WBE Certified

Did you know that L’IMAGE Design Studio has obtained WBE Certification?

This certification stands for Woman Business Enterprise and denotes that a woman has majority ownership and control of a business entity.

This is important for a woman-owned business for two primary reasons:

First, most local and national government purchasing agencies track and/or have programs for doing business with women business owners. Having WBE Certification is the only way the purchasing agents have confidence that a business representing itself as woman-owned is, in fact, one hundred percent woman-owned and controlled.

Second, many publicly-held corporations, as well as larger private corporations, also track and have programs for doing business with women-owned vendor companies. They, too, rely on WBE Certification.

Here are a few successfully completed projects in which the Prime Contractor utilized our WBE:

  • Mitre CEM, 2275 Rolling Run Drive, Woodlawn, MD 21244
  • T. Rowe Price, 100 E Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
  • John Hopkins – Berman Institute of Bioethics, Baltimore, MD 21205

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