Summer is upon us and what a great time to consider some summer interior design ideas.  Here are some ideas to keep these HOT Summer temperatures seem a bit cooler.



Adding a sunroom to your home is an excellent way to add space, more light and provide a wonderful oasis.  Adding a sunroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors, indoors and remove all that extra work of having to clean up, as you would for an exterior deck.


Add floral designs to your rooms

One way to spruce up your home throughout the summer is adding floral designed bed covers, drapes or tabletop covers to your home.  Floral designs represent summer and are a great and very affordable way to change the theme of your home.


Add yellow or other bold colors to your summer interior design ideas

Interior design experts say that the color yellow represents the sun and is a wonderful color therefore to include in your interior design during the summer months.  Start with something small like a bedspread, a tablecloth, or a new set of drapes.  Green, purple, or red are other great colors to add during the summer months.


Create a special place for reading

Summer is great for socializing but also time to peel back, read, write and do quiet things alone.  Create a special place near a large window in your home.  Add a stylish, comfortable chair, a small side table and make this your special place to read, write a journal or draw.


SUMMER INTERIOR DESIGN IDEASSummer interior design ideas….Add flowers

Summer brings wonderful flower blooms.  Plant some flowers in your garden or put some in some vases around your home and instantly the interior feels more vibrant, refreshed and summer like.


Open plan living

Because of a change in modern lifestyles, more time at home has meant that people are paying closer attention to layout and flow. Nowadays we want our homes not only open but also fluid so as to maximize space with ease-of movement throughout the property while still being able maintain clear zones for various activities like working or dining out without worrying about clashing colors from furniture pieces competing against each other when arranging rooms aesthetically pleasingly. In today’s world there is often little desire on spending hours upon end stuck inside doing jobs which could otherwise be done outside such as gardening etcetera.