I just wanted to tell you that not a day goes by that I don't appreciate some design aspect that you helped me with! I frequently appreciate the shades in the media room and the fireplace room. When we are in the media room at dusk and put the shades down, it is so nice to see the trees through the shades, but still have the major light blocked out. Our previous shades were total block out and gave you a feeling that there was no outdoors on the other side.

I remember when we were picking out paint colors and I thought all "whites" were white, but I so appreciate the different shades of "white" and totally notice the difference. Same with the caulking between the tiles in every floor and bathroom. It is so necessary that they blend and only you would have known that! The lighting fixtures were so hard for me and I think that we did a good job with that, also.

As a couple of my daughters are buying their first house or making major renovations, I realize how much good advice you gave me and I want you to know how much I appreciate your time and expertise at a very difficult time in my life…


This design studio has an amazing amount of talent and creativity. I used them on several of my investment properties and the attention to detail is stellar. The vision that Louann has in the initial phases of a design project is amazing and then have the design come to reality is a true talent. I highly recommend them…


I love working with L’IMAGE. They’ve helped me select paint colors, kitchen and bathroom tile and furniture to get a stylish, coordinated look in my home. Very easy to work with and great service!


I am finishing my first full day in my new office. It is fantastic in all respects!!

Thanks so much for your fine work. What a pleasure it is to describe something once and have you turn it into a realty even better than what I had envisioned.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. And, everyone who drops in just says, “WOW.”

Come by one day soon and check it all out.