Staging: Commercial & Home Staging

Staging: House Staging & Commercial Staging Services

The Art of Staging

Staging is about creating an illusion.  It goes far beyond the basics of cleaning, fixing and eliminating clutter from any property.  It’s the art of perfecting the right atmosphere.  Using this method of design makes your environment look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and ready to buy or lease.

Staging Commercial Staging

Commercial Staging


Contrary to what you might think, it’s about more than preparing the property for sale/lease.  Staging is what you do after you’ve cleaned, decluttered, painted, made repairs; it’s about dressing the area for sale/lease.  It’s adding the small details, by using sense, sound, touch and etc…

Professional stagers are skilled artist.  They create scenery that appeals to all five senses.  They may accomplish this by arranging furniture, using interesting fabrics, displaying unusual accessories, or adding unique elements, bookcases or water features, which draw attention to predetermined areas.

Staging Home Staging

Home Staging


Stagers bring in a vast array of items to spruce up your property.  They may use: mirrors, plants, silk flowers, table lamps, area rugs, artwork, small tables, and accent chairs. How these items are utilized is limited only by the creativity and vision of the stager.

L’IMAGE Design Studio can assist you in the following areas:

          • Color & finish consultations
          • Preparation/market recommendations
          • Furniture placement/redesign services
          • General organization/room editing
          • Artwork & accessory placement
          • After move in services/room set up/design


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Interior Designer Louann Magi attended the University of Maryland and attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design/Interior Architecture.

Ms. Magi believes that interior design must be viewed as an integral part of architecture. This assures the client that the functional program, spatial organization, and the selection of furniture, fabric and finishes are consistent with the overall architectural design. As the Principal, Ms. Magi has been the diversified designer for multiple project types, including residential and commercial design projects. She works with home sellers, government contracts, large enterprises, small locally owned businesses, real estate agents, and many more.

Ms. Magi leads the design effort for all the firm’s projects and is involved in giving creative form to each client’s program requirements. In addition, she is personally involved in design presentations, putting forth the reasons for design solutions and options or alternatives.

L’IMAGE Design Studio has a WBE, Woman Business Enterprise, certification.