It Is Time To Be Thinking About The HOLIDAYS ….

Everyone is thinking about the holidays. If you have walked into a number of stores and saw how each season gets introduced to us earlier and earlier; well, embrace yourself … planning for your future can be a good thing.  Please plan for your decorating needs for the holidays and see what deals we have to offer.

Thinking About the Holidays


L’IMAGE Design Studio

The history of L’IMAGE Design Studio has developed a broad range of diversified design projects from renovation to new construction. All our projects have been guided by the knowledge that success lies in discerning new potential in what has previously been done, and then doing it better. We have sought to be innovators by applying creative approaches to the design industry. While frequently on the cutting edge of planning and design, we have always made sure that our services provide a functional answer to the basic needs of the public we serve.

Our market focus at L’IMAGE Design Studio consists of the following:

COMMERCIAL DESIGN: Corporate,  Hospitality, Multi-Family Housing
RESIDENTIAL DESIGN: Multi-Family Housing, New / Renovation, Multi-Family Housing Custom Homes, Holiday Decoration

L’IMAGE Design Studio

15313 Leondina Drive
Glenwood, Maryland 21738

Phone: 410.489.0678
Fax: 410.489.0679