Hand Painted Wallcovering Vahallan

Hand Painted Wallcovering From Vahallan Papers

Hand Painted WallcoveringOne of the most dramatic and important changes you can make to your décor is a new custom Hand Painted Wallcovering. A fresh coat of paint or a new application of wallcovering can take any room from dull and boring to vibrant and alive. Whatever your dreams for your new decor are, Vahallan Papers can help you reach them.


Hand Painted WallcoveringMore than 10 years of decorative and design experience are applied to every single sheet of hand painted wall covering paper that leaves there studio. They’ve spent years developing the perfect combination of color and contrast to create finishes that will fit into any project you have in mind. 


Vahallan PapersOur Background and our Future
I really enjoy working with my hands. When I discovered the process of making wallpaper I knew instantly that I had found what I wanted to do with my life. People thought I was a little crazy. But I was confident that by combining creativity, determination and a lot of hard work that something good would come from that.

Determination, passion, and creativity are the common threads of our company. Highly skilled, collaborative artists perform all of Vahallan’s roles. You can feel inspiration when you enter our studio, from the offices to the shipping room to the painting floor.

Hand Painted Wallcovering

We focus on great designs. We love fearless experimentation. We take pride in our work. Our collective goal is getting Vahallan’s outstanding products into the hands of great designers and onto walls to make beautiful rooms. Vahallan has come a long way. We keep growing and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. Wallpaper is back to stay.” – Vahallan Hand-painted Wall Coverings Website


Hand Painted Wallcovering